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About Us

Our Mission is “To provide exceptional and comprehensive healthcare when and where it is needed”.

We pride ourselves on clinical excellence and the delivery of exceptional health service to patients in their homes, institutes, work places, events and hotels. It is our privilege to provide medical care to our patients, in their own comfort zone. This empathetic approach along with quality care we provide is what truly set us apart. To complete cycle of care we also provide home Laboratory test services and home medicine delivery.

We at VHEAL are a team of dedicated doctors and health care professionals who strive to give their patients the best possible medical care in the comfort of their home. With a vast experience of providing home care services abroad, our leading doctors will ensure uncompromised care for our patients. All of our team is experienced, very professional and holds all the essential certifications from PMDC.

Our role is to provide treatment of acute and chronic illness, episodic illness, fall, injury, general health assessment and regular follow ups, whenever they need to see a doctor. By providing this service, we are supporting the families by ensuring their loved ones have 24 hours access to quality primary care. So, say goodbye to long waiting hours and wasting whole days just to see a doctor.


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