Most frequent questions and answers

Yes VHEAL is registered with FBR as a company and holds all legal documentation

Yes VHEAL is registered with Punjab Health Commission as home healthcare service provider

VHEAL services can be used in Homes, Institutes, Work places, Offices and Hotels. VHEAL physicians attend patients who need medical care for non-life threatening conditions,in case of emergency call ambulance. We are able to cover any event as well. We are committed and enthusiastic to provide you best healthcare service we can.

Our goal is to provide our patients comprehensive care, our team consistent of;

Doctors, which included General Physicians and Specialist doctors

Nurses, which includes ICU Nurse, Medical Nurse and Surgical Nurse

Allied Health Professionals, Physiotherapist, Speech Pathologist (therapist), and nutritionist

Lab Tests, expert person will come and collect sample where ever you like and results will be forward you straight away when ready, healthcare packages are created to make it convenient to choose, however we can organise blood tests as per need of individuals 

Medicines, are delivered at your door step whenever you need, we are partnering up with Green-Plus Pharmacy to assure high quality product

We assure to provide high quality health services at reasonable price. Our Mission is “To provide exceptional and comprehensive healthcare when and where it is needed on reasonable price”.

We are team of professionals who have local and foreign qualifications and experiences. Therefore, fee reflects every individual qualification, experiences and type of services you are availing. You may need to pay extra if doctors, in addition of consultation, do nebulization, injections or any medications by their own.

We have different payment options you can select any, which is more convenient for you.

  1. CASH
  2. easy paisa
  3. jazz cash
  4. bank transfer
  5. credit card

On average, we see most of our patients between one to two hours from booking, however this can vary depending on the season and other factors (e.g. weather, public events (i.e. strike or dharna) road conditions etc).

Our service treats patients who need medical care for non-life threatening conditions. It is not for emergencies. If it is an emergency, call ambulance.

It is important to monitor a patient’s symptoms – even after a doctor home visit has been booked. If a patient’s condition worsens, you should call us, as we may advise the patient to go to hospital or call an ambulance.

Monday – Friday: From 8am to midnight 
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: From 8am to midnight 

Book appointment online by our website www.vheal.pk complete the booking process, by finalizing payment, you will receive conformation SMS

Call VHEAL on 03041111317 07days a week, 365 days a year to request one of our doctors/medical staff to visit you or a family member at home.

Please have the following information ready when you speak with an operator:

  • the patient’s full name and date of birth
  • the patient’s street address
  • the patient’s/carer’s phone no
  • a description of the patient’s illness
  • a description of type of service required, DOCTOR/NURSE/ALLIED HEALTH professionals
  • a valid doctor’s prescription for IV injections/infusions for nurses

Our home visiting Doctors provide appropriate and comprehensive medical care when needed. Our Doctors are also equipped to treat a range of common ailments. In addition, we have arrangements of, labs to collect samples and pharmacy to deliver medicine at your door step, to complete the cycle of care.   

Our home visiting Nurses and Allied health (Physiotherapist, nutritionist, speech therapist) work as a team with doctors to assure patient’s comprehensive care and better outcome.

All VHEAL staff is registered with PMDC/PNC and has obtained all certificates, as required by the Punjab Health Commission. VHEAL has a very strict screening policy of hiring staff. Luckily we have foreign qualified doctors are part of our team, which assist us to provide high quality health services at your doorstep

VHEAL welcomes feedback as it helps us to continually improve our service delivery to our patients.

There are various ways to send your feedback to us:

Via email: info@vheal.pk

Phone: 0304-1111-317

Whatsapp: 0309-333-7317


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