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I work away from home and unable to take care of my mother or keep her medical check-ups up to date. And even when I am home after a month, it’s hard to get all the essential appointments in few days. After availing the services of VHEAL home care, my huge problem is solved and my mother healthcare has become a lot more manageable for me. After I made an appointment online, the Doctor came home and gave a thorough examination. He was very professional in his manner and made sure my mother felt comfortable and treated with respect unlike my doctors who we come across nowadays. We utilized the lab services at very reasonable prices and I was updated in detail about my mother’s state. I am definitely planning on using this service again as we finally got rid of worrying about going to the doctors and then waiting for hours in the waiting area along with a sick person. I highly recommend VHEAL home care as it has proved to be a very professional and well-designed service.
Business Owner
As a mother of two young boys, one toddler and one newborn, I am having trouble managing the family health check ups and my routine. My elder son got sick and I was unable to leave the house because of the fear of taking my newborn outside in this cold weather. I was very hesitant to call VHEAL at the start, but my husband advised and we used this service. VHEAL website and customer service was user friendly and we had a very good experience. My son was examined by a good doctor and now he is getting better. We are very happy now with this new home care service and looking forward to calling VHEAL for all health related issues.
House Wife

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